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The Darwin Awards

Josiah, Adam, and Ben Coughran

A weekly podcast that takes great pleasure in discussing the jaw-dropping and numerous ways in which humans remove themselves from the gene pool through their own stupidity. Each week we take 4 new and recent Darwin Award nominees and, after some lively discussion, choose a winner.

Recent Episodes

Shopping cart stunts, fasting fails, and Choking on heroin - Episode 23 of The Darwin AwardsJune 28, 2020 Episode artwork Snake handling, disguised land mines, train decapitations, and backyard electrocutions - episode 22 of The Darwin AwardsJune 21, 2020 Episode artwork Horse insemination gone wrong, hit and run karma, and passing 6 cars at a time - Episode 21 of The Darwin AwardsJune 14, 2020 Episode artwork Punching windows, exploding ATMs, and more electrocutions - Episode 20 of The Darwin AwardsJune 07, 2020 Episode artwork Train stunts, steam rollers, and death dumplings - Episode 19 of The Darwin AwardsMay 31, 2020 Episode artwork Choosing drowning over jail, a classic electrocution, and lighting yourself on fire - Episode 18 of the Darwin AwardsMay 24, 2020 Episode artwork Befriending killers and coronavirus remedies; Episode 17 of The Darwin Awards PodcastMay 17, 2020 Episode artwork petting crocodiles and accidental hangings - episode 16 of The Darwin AwardsMay 10, 2020 Episode artwork Falling asleep on train tracks, stump grinder deaths, and kites touching power lines - episode 15May 03, 2020 Episode artwork Tractor tire explosions and brown recluse bites - Episode 14 of The Darwin AwardsApril 26, 2020 Episode artwork India is dying for Tik Tok - Episode 13 of The Darwin AwardsApril 19, 2020 Episode artwork The Indian Houdini, Turkish surgery, and falling trees - Episode 12 of The Darwin AwardsApril 12, 2020 Episode artwork Garlic overdoses, train track selfies, swallowing cocaine, and porcupine hunts - Episode 11 of The Darwin AwardsApril 05, 2020 Episode artwork Methane exposure, lost treasure, spring break, and chain saws - Episode 10 of The Darwin AwardsMarch 29, 2020 Episode artwork DIY ladders, gun powder, and poisonous mushrooms - Episode 9 of The Darwin AwardsMarch 22, 2020 Episode artwork A bar in Uganda - Episode 8 of The Darwin AwardsMarch 15, 2020 Episode artwork Russian Roulette and swallowing cocaine - Episode 7 of The Darwin AwardsMarch 08, 2020 Episode artwork Flattened on the Flat Earth - Episode 6 of The Darwin AwardsMarch 01, 2020 Episode artwork A home made gun - Episode 5 of The Darwin AwardsFebruary 23, 2020 Episode artwork Electrocuting fish - Episode 4 of The Darwin AwardsFebruary 16, 2020 Episode artwork Trapped in a donation bin - Episode 4 of The Darwin AwardsFebruary 09, 2020 Episode artwork Can a pillow stop a shotgun? - Episode 2 of The Darwin AwardsFebruary 02, 2020 Episode artwork Car jumps over drawbridge and Rooster murders man - Episode 1 of The Darwin AwardsJanuary 28, 2020 Episode artwork